Is the Foundation for Letters a part of the Bronx Academy of Letters?

No. The Foundation and the school are separate entities. The Foundation raises funds which it then grants to the school and to other institutions and organizations whose programs are connected to its mission.

How does the Foundation determine which institutions/organizations to support and which specific programs to fund?

The Foundation requires that all requests for funding demonstrate first and foremost that grants will be used to support programs connected to its mission of improving adolescent literacy. The Board of Directors reviews these requests closely, ensuring that programs are well thought-out, practically executable, and mission-related; expenses are justified; and the impact of the programs can be readily ascertained. We look specifically for programs that are sustainable over the long term and, if possible, can be replicated with other partners.

Is the Bronx Academy of Letters a charter school?

No. It is a public school. There are several differences between Charter schools and public schools, the main one being that charter schools, in return for greater hiring and curriculum flexibility, typically either partially finance their own core operations, guarantee a certain level of performance for their students, or both. Public schools like ours have the site, security, teacher and staff salaries, and food financed by the city and state.