FFL 2016 Benefit

vivica     Thank you all for joining FFL and Empire star Vivica A. Fox

on October 19th, 2016! new-invite

We celebrated the exceptional work of urban high school students

& honored visionaries and icons who have

forged a path for female authors of color.

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Why should we encourage young women of color to write? Because if they don’t, they will stay invisible.

The numbers say it all:

  • On television and film, Latinas and Asians make up only 4% of major female characters (women, as a whole, only make up 30 percent of characters)
  • 11% are African American.

In the realm of mass media and literature, the picture is not much better:

  • More than half of all newspapers report they have no people of color on staff.
  • Minority women make up only 7% of all staff journalists.

If a young woman of color is looking for a role model in almost every format from digital to traditional media, she is likely to come up short.

Over the past year, we talked with some of our students, volunteers, and media partners about the likelihood that our students could write, edit, publish, or report for a living. We felt that as much as the kids are growing to love writing and the literary arena, a close examination of their career prospects yielded an unsurprising but still sobering truth – that people of color are largely underrepresented in the world of news, culture, and contemporary story telling.

The problem is particularly egregious for women: representative female faces of color are scarce in newspapers, digital outlets, and major fashion magazines. We asked the question: how are our girls, the young, female voices of color in our FFL programs, supposed to rise and represent, if they have so few women as role models to look up to?

We felt that the time was right to strive to radically shift the narrative for urban girls across New York, for whom opportunities in the literary space, both creative and career-wise, have been few and far between. On October 19th we will bring the issues to the forefront, make an impact, and have an awesome time doing so.

October 19, 2016

Red Carpet | 6PM

Main Program | 6:30-9:30PM

Featuring eats from NYC’s favorite food trucks,

including gourmet, organic pizza by Neopolitan Express!

IAC Building

Frank Gehry designed Ground Floor

555 W.18 Street, New York, NY 10011

Check out highlights from last year’s event:

FFL’s programs will provide increased access to our unique workshops, fellowships, and training programs and through access to the most important literary and media outlets throughout the country—and the opportunity to publish there. This event celebrates the work of the Foundation and all of its young NYC student writers, and honors the contributions of select luminaries from the worlds of literary arts, education, entertainment, media and culture for opening doors to women of color in the literary arena.

For more information: 

Sarose Klein, Executive Director



Mike Jackson, Chief Executive Officer