Lewis Meyers

Jennifer Barth and student

donate-buttonFFL’s primary donors have been individuals, corporations and foundations. We’ve worked hard to identify and cultivate personal connections that draw people to our work that would otherwise have no specific or natural connection to education, particularly to urban schools.


Individual volunteers have been friends, colleagues and family members of our Foundation, teachers and staff, that have shown an interest in volunteering in support of education. They’ve served as judges for moot court, helped students with college essays, served as “virtual” volunteers providing feedback to written work online, attended public readings, served as tutors and workshop leaders, been panelists on college night and more!

Others have become involved by attending fundraising galas, playing in one of FFL’s charity golf tournaments, running in an FFL-sponsored charity 5k, or joining our Board or Advisory Council.

Corporations and foundations, that have shown an interest in or connection to our literary educational theme, have provided educational resources, made year-end Annual Fund donations, offered services such as internships and educational tours, hosted career days, provided teams of volunteers, sponsored fundraising events, and funded programs with general donations and grants.