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button-bronx-loaf – $5,000: Sponsor an entire Bronx Loaf Teen Writers’ Conference Workshop

(More about Bronx Loaf)

 – $2,500: Publish our student anthology, “Breaking Bread,” for an entire Bronx Loaf Conference

(Read Breaking Bread Online)

 – $1,000: Sponsor a high school intern for our Summer 2017 Writing Abroad and Bronx Loaf programs

(Read Zion Decoteau’s FFL Internship Blog)

 – $500: Supply College Application fee waivers for students in our College Literacy Workshop

(More about FFL’s College Literacy Workshop)

 – $250: Purchase essential books for a new Writing Center – Elements of Style, ESL Writers…

(More about FFL’s Writing Centers)

 – $100: Pay for one semester of student peer tutoring at an FFL Writing Center

(More about FFL’s Writing Centers)

 – $50: Purchase journaling resources for a student heading abroad to write for FFL

(More about Writing Abroad!)

 – $25: Purchase a set of Anthologies for a Bronx Loaf family to enjoy and put in their library

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Though the Foundation seeks financial backing from grant-making corporations, educational foundations and government sources, FFL’s main source of consistent, long-term support over the years has come from individuals – folks who are typically not alumni of our school partners, or current or former parents of students.

Therefore, as an FFL donor, you’re a part of a powerful movement – you’re helping to re-define the educational stakeholders in urban schools, transcending the boundaries (and limitations) of traditional educational support.  Give to programs like Bronx Loaf and Writing Abroad today! Help us make the Foundation for Letters a national force for change in schools and alter how support for urban education happens.

We believe that all urban schools can build External Support Organizations that provide enduring opportunities to improve educational outcomes. Please help the Foundation for Letters build organizations that continue to provide literary pathways to improved academic performance, increased college readiness, and better global citizenship for students.