For the past five years, the Foundation for Letters has been designing and delivering innovative, writing-intensive programs to students at multiple NYC high schools and middle schools. We offer unique and engaging, academic and enrichment programs, targeting our outreach to students in under-served urban neighborhoods and creating a clear value proposition for the schools that serve them.

In the past two academic years alone, FFL’s programs have reached hundreds of students from over 40 NYC schools. We are currently building a comprehensive technology platform that will enable TRUE ACCESS, our “virtual volunteer” program, to roll out citywide, connecting more students with more volunteers more efficiently, and supplementing in-person volunteer support.

By producing a scalable online model for providing volunteer writing support to students on demand, we hope to significantly expand the reach of our impact. We also hope to create new stakeholders in the fight to narrow the academic and opportunity gaps that socioeconomic differences help to create, moving us closer to our ambitious ultimate goal – to disrupt and improve how urban education is supported nationwide.