FFL offers unique, engaging, and writing-intensive academic and enrichment programs to high schools and middle schools. We offer our programs free of charge, targeting our outreach to students in under-served urban neighborhoods.

Students in our programs have received instruction and feedback on their work from numerous published authors, journalists, editors, and publishers from media outlets like the New York Times, Guernica Magazine, Hearst Corporation, the Daily Beast, CNN, Bloomberg, Time Inc, and others.

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Promoting Writing Engagement

Environments that emphasize the value of the written word help provide students with a path to improved literacy.  FFL fosters these environments by supporting a variety of writing programs, ranging from poetry to fiction, essays, journalism as well as spoken word and other genres.

Increasing College Readiness

Increased fluency with the word bears a close connection to success in high school, college, and beyond. FFL supports programs that introduce students at an early age to the critical importance of a college education. These programs help provide a path to attending and succeeding in college, and help better position urban students for educational and professional success.

Improving Global Citizenship

Students in underserved urban neighborhoods who are consistently exposed to the world beyond their present circumstances develop a thirst for further education and intellectual engagement that makes pursuing a college education attractive. FFL supports programs that use engagement with writing as a tool for improved global understanding. These programs are also designed to give the students a sense of belonging in today’s global community.