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FFL is partnering with the International Youth Leadership Institute (IYLI) to sponsor five students to travel abroad for five weeks and write about their experiences. These students will complete multiple journaling assignments per week, receiving real-time feedback on their entries from professional journalists, editors, writers, publishers and other FFL volunteers. Two students will travel to Senegal, where they will study renewable energy, Two will travel to Morocco and Spain to study immigration, while one student will travel to South Africa to study entrepreneurship. Upon their return, the students will work with our partners at Guernica Magazine to produce and publish pieces of writing in a :”Youth Voices” series.

Writing Abroad StudentsFrom left: Keshia Maryat (Senegal), Jazmyn Blackburn (South Africa), Chynna Seck (Morocco/Spain), Junise Nixon (Senegal) and Zion Decoteau (Morocco/Spain) upon completion of FFL’s Writing Abroad training program.


To prepare for the trips, FFL Advisory Council Member and former Bronx Academy of Letters English teacher Erin Lenahan, co-taught a training workshop with Rachel Riederer, editor of Guernica Daily. The students were taught the principles of journaling, journalism, and personal narrative/memoir writing. The training took place in the Executive Marketing Suite at Brookfield Investment Management, overlooking the Hudson River.

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The students completed practice exercises, practice journal entries for homework, and were given feedback by their instructors on their progress in advance of the trip. Upon their return from their various trips, the students will take tours at Time, Inc., and the Hearst Corporation, to speak to writers and journalists about how to begin turning the raw materials of 5 weeks of journal entries into published works.